[Watch Face] Finally Got The Text In The Minute Hand

BIG thanks to ThaMattie for working out the Formula for the Text inside the Minute Hand for this :clap: Utilised it to display the Watch Battery Percentage, and I’d love some feedback/suggestions for this please -


Nice… Looks fun!

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Thanks elirab007 :smiley:

Oh yeah! I am a total star wars fan and this one is going to be on my favourites list! Awesome! :+1:

I really get the feeling I am watching a dogfight with all those ships flying around. You hit the right orbital expressions in that!

Edit: Oh gee, I didn’t even notice the AOD mode before, nice touch!

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Thanks Brad, appreciate the comment, and yes, the orbiting was a real winner that dazstacey did - his animation skills are amazing
lol I usually try to add an image for the Dim display, this one is Tatooine