[Watch Face] First face with my own mandala art and animation would love feedback

Any thoughts. Thank you
I am proud I remembered to center the dim mode haha


I personally don’t like animated watch faces, but I can tell this would be a great face for someone who does. It looks professionally done, good job!

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thanks. right now it rotates by the second. I am thinking of dividing it by 2 so it spins half as fast


Very nice! The battery info is small for my eyes, but I like the design.

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I congratulate you on your first job and design @dragon2777

It looks very attractive and beautiful … :+1: :wink:
Very good idea !!! Very nice !!! :100:
Just a comment … take a good look at the measurements of the information of the letters (date and day) because it does not fit well in the size of the clock …
You could make the measurements smaller (22 or 24) … and I think it will be fine !!!

What do you mean? I went through all the days and months and it seems fine. Thank you

Thanks. I actually had a hard time with the batteries. I didn’t want them too small but I also didn’t want them to really stand out. In my eyes it’s just information that comes second to the main feature. I may make them a bit bigger. Again thanks.

just extremely cool :sunglasses: :shushing_face:

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thank you. side note I was trying to figure out what you meant by “os-1” then I realized it was you name haha