Watch face for magicians!

Hi guys!

My name is Jesse and I am a magician. For some of our magic tricks we use a special stack of cards called the mnemonica stack. For this stack you have to remember 52 cards which is very difficult. It would be awesome if someone could create a watchface where you can see the whole stack without it being to suspicious as we don’t want the audience to know that there are cards on our watches. I think it would be great if someone could make this watch and replace the clock numbers for the stack numbers in this forum: 1-4C 2-2H (1 is the 4 of clubs, 2 is the 2 of hearts)

Here is the full mnemonica stack:


Hope someone wants to create this with me!

There are 52 cards in a deck but only 12 hours on a watch. Even if you use a 24-hour clock you’re still coming up short. Unless I’m missing something here?

Can be changed at a click, four sets. If this is what you wanted I can finish it.

Hi @lucky.andrei

This is great! But do you mean that you click on something and then you get the next set of cards? And could you make 2 watches: 1 like this and 1 with this format 1-4C 2-2H etc. Thanks already for your effort. I like simple and elegant black watches so if you could make something elegant in black it would be great!

Yes, you click on anything and get the next watchface and so on in a circle. Ok

@lucky.andrei awesome! This is the style of watch faces i like:

I unfortunately can’t repeat this style, but I did it my way. I hope you like it.

@lucky.andrei It looks awesome! I have 2 more requests, Could you make the dim mode with just roman numbers and could you also make a version with this format: 1-4C 2-2H etc. Thanks a lot already!!

I made a dim mode with Roman numerals, I didn’t understand about your second request. When you click anywhere, four versions change, including the one you are writing about.

Looks awesome! I mean know you have 4c, 2h etc as numbers but could you also make another watch face with this format: 1-4C 2-2H. In de stack the first card is the 4C so that way I can see directly which nummber what card is. So now you only have the order of the cards. But could you also make it with the number in front of it? So 1 is the 4C: 1-4C

I had to change the font

@lucky.andrei thanks again for your effort but this is not what I mean… Nevermind :wink: I would be awesome if you could publish the watch with the other font so the one you first created :wink:

@lucky.andrei no i mean the version without 1-4c 2-2h. I mean the version you first made

All three versions are now available. The first with the original font and without 1-, 2- and so on. The second with the changed font and with 1-, 2- and so on. And the third version with the original font and with 1-, 2- and so on. You can sync any of them on your watch.

It says that i need facer premium to be able to sync it. is it possible to get it for free?

Switching dials on a click is a premium feature. Or make four different watchface, but how will you change them quickly? Or figure out how to show information about all four sets on one watchface.

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The faces are gone. Is there a place that i can get them?

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Hi @09gambler , I’m afraid not, Lucky Andrei has since past away.

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Lucky Andrei"s Profile has been Preserved in Memorium , Thankfully . His Profile can still be visited and his Faces Synced to your Watch . RIP Andrei .

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