Watch face for Noisefit Evolve 3 smart watch


I want to install a moving gears face watch for Noisefit Evolve 3 (Model NSW-62) smart watch.

I do not know the OS used by the watch except that its version is 1.1.4 and the moving / animated watch face has its own code, so not sure how and if it will work with the smart watch.

I tried the Facer app and it does not detect the watch automatically, but asks me to select from standard watches which come close my watch. I have no idea which watch is closer match.

Any thoughts?


Iā€™m sorry, but your watch is not supported by Facer. You can only use Apple, Samsung, Fossil, TicWatch or any other watch that uses WearOS as its operating system.

It uses Android V 4.4 if it helps

Facer does not support Android only WearOS which is based on Android but works differently. They are two totally different operating systems as far as operating systems go.

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I will say Thank you @mrantisocialguy for and on behalf of @nilesh.panditrao . Always there performing a Thankless Task .

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