[Watch Face] Fortis B-42 Marinemaster by GM

I used to play a game called Arma. In that game was a feature where you can pull up a watch to check the in game time. I found out that watch was a copy of this watch, so I replicated it in Facer so we could ware this watch… LOL Enjoy…

In game


Nicely done @geekm0nkey looks quite good :+1:
One thought: maybe make a couple more just the same but with different coloured backgrounds :thinking:

Yeah. Nice Job. Well done : )

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Cool watch but be careful! We don’t know how vigilantly Fortis enforces copyright. Consider renaming it Four Teas or something

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Hi, the design is nice as it is, just note the screen shot from game has not the watch brand named on it. And I guess it is for a reason - there could be license trouble.

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