Watch face freezes

I have a couple of faces from different makes and they all exhibit the same behavior almost always at night. The watch face freezes and have to change the face and resync to get it moving again I have a Samsung Active 2 watch


I have not heard of that before. For that kind of weird behaviour I would suggest uninstalling the Facer App from your watch and then re-installing it. Also, make sure you have the latest versions of all phone and watch operating systems, Apps, etc.

I have something like that with my Samsung Active 2 watch. Not as often and also not overnight, but during the 3 days that mine goes between charges. It will first start out with steps or something not updating. Next it will just come on and hang in place. I can not get the three taps to be recognized to change to a different Facer face so I end up switching to a Samsung face wait a few seconds then switch back to Facer and everything is fine. I’m thinking that the actual Facer app is freezing, but that is just a guess. I wonder if @Facer_Official has had any freezing issues reported on Active 2 watches only? P.S. It ONLY happens on my Active 2 and never on my S3 Frontier.

Yep, Samsung Active 2, Galaxy Note 9. Face freezing, super annoying. Twice, I’ve woken up to see it is stalled as of ~7 and ~9 pm, another time I noticed in the evening and the time was ~1 pm. I’m watching to see if it happens within a couple of hours of charging.

Is it normal for the Facer Companion App to drop? Facer settings just had the watch model and OS. I went back to settings and they are unknown and the companion app needs to be installed again. My watch battery died.