[Watch Face] Frothy Beer

Ok, this was totally for fun & I don’t expect long use of this face other than novelty. It isn’t nearly as artistic as some of you guys can do, but sometimes novelty counts.

Who wants a beer? I make use of the accelerometer & many many sequences to make it look like your watch actually has a glass of beer in it, and it tips as you tip your wrist. The Frothy foam is an animated font that you should be able to make out the numbers on. I would like to have made the contrast better for the font, but then it wouldn’t be a frothy foam would it? I might add a secondary white background static time layer if it is a problem.


I like this idea … and the beers too !
If it were mine, I would use a font which reminds a beer brand and use the background for the battery status.

Thanks @jeberuth. I like your idea if the battery level. I think I will add a tint to it for the battery level, perhaps a light lager as it is now for good battery level, changing gradually to a dark stoute as it gets lower. Darker the lower the battery level. Keep tuned for an update when I have time. Changing the font is a bit of an undertaking, and I did try various fonts in the online font animator I used. But they all turned into blobs of froth, as I suppose they should.

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