[Watch face] Fully exposed skeleton style design

This is number 3 of my new designs any comments appreciated



Nice work Dazza :+1:

I’ve decided you are not a watch designer, you are an artist! :grinning:

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Thank you

always as the first top during the day and scarce at night

thanks for all your comments i would like to point out that i never work on dim mode untill the main design is finished and ready to publish

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looking at it again I had a thought… since you have an exposed mainspring you could have it coil/uncoil in sync with the power level for an added effect :slight_smile:

it actually already dos that mate including the gears rotating with the battery level

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ah cool! great detail then :slight_smile: I didn’t load it on my watch I was just checking it out in the preview and apparently the fast forward feature doesn’t make that effect happen.

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thats cool mate thanks for the input i love all comments it easily could of been a feature i forgot to turn on

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Maybe you just had a lag kvansant, as the fast forward effect is working for me

Great details, great work!

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Holy … this is amazing details there.

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Welcome to the Community rainerschuster79

If you look at some more of @dazstacey’s work you’ll figure out that he is an artist pretending to make watch faces. :grinning:

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can u design oppo face watch 46mm plzzzz
square plzzz reply msg

hi mate do you want this design made for square ?

@dazstacey Sure looks that way mate, and you can select the Oppo Watch when creating it as well, I needed before when I had someone requesting stuff for it :slightly_smiling_face:

@sunnyjangra799 Welcome to the Community sunnyjangra799

ok i have redesigned this to accommodate the oppo watch hopefully making the boards less annoying


Very good work … very realistic !!! Impressive

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