[Watch Face] Funky Digital Face :P


This is a really nice design Ramzy, but look at your Seconds when they get between 55-60, the bottom of the 00 appears before it hits the window properly, and I really think that your Font Size of 10 for Power and Steps is way too small for most people to see properly. It’s a great design yes, but in my opinion I’d tidy up those things (with my eyesight I need my Font at least 18 :joy:)

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haha i tried to make it bigger the overview will look messy and the things interlocked

It looks like you’ve put the 00 slightly lower on your Seconds Wheel than all the other numbers, it would be a quick and easy fix for you my friend

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Thanks i missed it lol, but now it’s repaired :wink:

It is still happening because your 00 is lower on your Seconds Wheel than all the other numbers, look -

But if you change the size of your Secc-01.png to Width 358 and Height 386 that will hide it ok -


It’s a nice quick fix :grin:

anyway my watchface not like this !

Opera Snapshot_2021-04-30_210629_www.facer.io

I was only trying to help Ramzy, and it was your Watch Face, I looked at in in Inspection Mode :zipper_mouth_face:
Sorry for trying to help, I won’t bother you again…

No i mean the watch in my creator different than yours ?
Check the screenshot

It’s YOUR Face I was looking at, just at a different time :roll_eyes:

haha i mean the seconds not shown downside that’s what i’m saying i don’t know why it’s like this in your view

Look at your Face when it is working, as it goes from 55 seconds to 00

yeah i know i made it like this but i mean the position

It’s your design Ramzy, if you’re happy with it that’s all that matters, do whatever you want with it ok

That’s not what i mean, i mean it’s different than what i have

The problem is @ramzy.ar92 you are looking at 25 seconds, and @icrltd4 is looking at 55 seconds. Your 00 is lower than the rest:

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there is no problem bro, i fixed it before but i don’t know why still appears! on my laptop everything fine

Still out of line :roll_eyes:

I Don’t Know Why i saved the image again !
Check it now !