[Watch Face] Futura Radial - testing

Hi Guys!
I’m working on this little piece and recently saw @mrantisocialguy 's post that enlightened me on AOD.
So if you can spare a moment, could let me know how this watch face looks on your AOD?

I used to add an extra black, 70% opaque layer for AOD-only dimming as my TicWatch seems to have exactly the same brightness while in AOD as it has on my normal, daily setting (which is quite dim because my home office is not so well lit). This is working fine in my “basement” :wink: but @mrantisocialguy pointed out that this may vary from watch to watch and this has caused me to question if I’ve been doing this right…
Is it too dark on your setting and should I get rid of the AOD-dimming layer? Or should it stay?

PS: Try placing your watch on its left side on your desk :wink: Desk mode courtesy of @ThaMattie, thank you very much, Sir, for sharing your code!

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Nice watch face!
For me it is indeed way too dim in AOD mode.
I have a Fossil Gen5 (wearOS) if that helps…


Nice design, simple and functional, regarding the attenuation, I think that the second digit of the minutes does not look very good. Greetings

Thank you, Jose! What would you change about it, the shape itself or is it the color?

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In AOD mode, that second little charm looks very dim. I think it is better if you use a slightly lighter tone like the time of day

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