Watch face GAUSS-Circular

Since the german soccer team doesn´t play well at the world championship today i used my time to create a new watchface, lol.

I hope you enjoy this unique face.


Phantasico aka GAUSS


Sorry to hear about your team but a nice face came out of it. Least there is a plus side. :smile:

Thank you. Swiss team seems to make it better againt Brasil… We loosed against Mexico today. :frowning:

Atleast Germany made it to the Cup. We are so bad right now there’s no telling when we will make it back. Excellent watchface by the way. Magnificent as always.

Thanks a lot.

I think soccer is not that good promoted in USA, compared to american football and baseball.

Your team played well, but the opponent won.
Unfortunately, it is so often in sport.
Your watch, colors such as I like.


Blue and Red…

I could say it was specially made for you, but this wouldn‘t be the truth.

To the match: Mexico played very good, clever and with a lot of heart - but Germany really played poor. They can do a lot better - i hope you will see against Sweden at Saturday. :slight_smile: