Watch face GAUSS-Underwater

Hi @ll.

Had some spare time for testing… :slight_smile:

My fist steps with animated pictures.

I hope you enjoy.


Phantasico aka GAUSS



the bubbles (sinusoidal movements) are great and the wave (frame by frame) almost perfect, yet for me a bit to short :wink:

I do miss the thickness of the glass and I would bring some more life into the turtle… you surely already saw my underwater world example :wink: with open inspection mode

However my overall feeling is good and I :heart: it.

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Thanks a lot, @Tomas

Yes, i already saw your underwater watch a few month ago. It’s great!

You are right with the turtle, i really would like some animation but at the moment, i don‘t know how. I will think it over…

Perhaps i separate head and fins and do some light sinus rotation on them, could be possible…

I could do another animation loop of the wave. I did‘t do because of the short watch startup time.

The thickness of the glass, hmmm… i could add some semitransparent shadows maybe…

I would do the same… frame by frame animations are very inflexible… rotate a fin is a simple thing and huge effect…

In general, whenever it is possible I do use movements instead of frame by frame

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Me, tooo. :slight_smile:

This frame animation is my first one.

In this case it was necessary.


You wanted it - you get it.

Now with animated turtle.

Was a little bit tricky but looks far better now!

100 point from 100! Excellent Job! :+1:

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Hmmm … i am thinking about replacing the frame animation of the waves…

The 50 frames seem to use too much memory resources and makes the animation of the turtle stuttering…

What do you think? Can anyone test it on the watch?

With my Huawei Classic it´s not working very smooth…

Hi @GAUSS, this is what I get on my LG Watch Urbane

Thanks, @Tomaja

Hmmm, doesn´t look that bad …

But i decided to totally redesign the background and made one with animated elements.

I think it looks nearly as good as the animation frames.

What do you think?

…I think it is good as it is right now… I would maybe only let the turtle swim slow - it covers partly the nice big wave :ocean: coming in the same time :octopus:

Did you see the new version above?

:grinning: that’s funny!

New Ocean background okay?

I do :heart: it! The turtle is now a real hero!

Nice job as always. I could have used this face the other day when I was swimming with the fishes!!!

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I have some underwater photos of some aquatic wildlife if you are interested for your design!

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Thanks, but it‘s already done. :slight_smile: Enough fishes, lol.