[Watch Face] Golf Holes Walked

This is a new idea (I think) for a fun watch face that is meant for golf enthusiats to wear when they are not playing golf. It calculates the equivalent number of holes the user walks during the day, and displays it below the time, and visually graphs it out with a red line along the path that traverses the on screen golf course. Also displayed is wind speed at the top, and current weather condition and temperature on the right.

Note: Equivalent holes walked are are calculated from data at the National Library of Medicine, where about 12000 steps are an average equivalent of a full size 18 hole golf course. The contribution of golf to daily physical activity recommendations: how many steps does it take to complete a round of golf? - PubMed.


I remember when i first started playing golf i was so bad, i was probably twice that 12,000 just searching for my ball.


Very cool idea Sir


Will you please share . How as a Non Premium Maker you get to count to 12k Steps ? Brilliant piece of work . I kind of Guess you did not copy and paste your graphics from the Net .


Thanks @tom.itssos!

@russellcresser, I did not know there was a limitation on graphing the steps. In my steps progress circular graph, which I place on the back layer, I simply edited the fill window to be:
(clamp(#ZSC#, 0, 12000)/10000)
Hmm… Maybe that’s not right. I have now edited it to be:
(clamp(#ZSC#, 0, 12000)/12000)
I can’t adjust the progress in Creator beyond 10,000 to test, but I think that should work, as I know #ZSC# can report > 10k steps in real world use for the free version of Creator. I think my record steps in a day is above 20k, and it has reported that correctly.

Holes walked is simply:
(round(#ZSC#/667*10)/10) Holes
In a text field. The 667 is 12000/18 .

I only partly copied and pasted the graphics from the net, mostly. I found an open source & free to use scorecard and plucked the individual hole images from that, and rotated & arranged them in a circle in a new image, then added an open source & free to use green underneath that. I put the whole thing into another new image, and freehanded the erasor tool in paint.net to make the course path, which is really the window for the progress bar. I then just set the background to grey, kind of like a gravel or asphalt path for the course. My graphics skills suck, but for this face, probably are sufficient.


I think you have a good handle on the eraser tool . So 10k is the limit of the steps we can simulate on Face Creator only we can count more on the Watch . Most of the Topics you Post become Tutorials . Thanks as Always .


And now for Apple Watch too…


this is a really cool idea! And great execution too :slight_smile:

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Thank you @kvansant :beers:

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