[Watch Face] HaDe PRO Nº 18

I choose the interesting features: Switchable Animated Gloss, Lockable Controls, Switchable One and Two hand design.

Comments and ideas are welcome.


Nice and clean design. I like the idea to lock the controls but is it really necessary in this case?

The main watch hands could be a little bit bigger for better readability.

It is not necessary, but it is a test, how to do it.

I can still fine-tune the size. Thanks for the tip.

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I like the design and the color combination. And I think always is a good idea to have a lock for the touchable options. I always thought that the interactive faces should have this option. And I was playing with the idea for when I grab those tools! :wink:

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Some of the feedback I received on my Revolution v100 was that their are so many buttons that they forget where to tap to keep the screen awake and they mess up their configuration or accidentally open an app. Thats understandable with this many buttons.

I think it’s a great idea and have been working on a good way to do this. The downside is that it could use up another VAR. Unless the buttons were only active while the guide layer is up. The problem with that however is you cannot see the customization changes as well. I’m curious to see how this works for you.


It would be a great idea when the VAR- Buttons could be switched to on/off, maybe with a master-VAR, that‘s for sure.

At the moment we always have to move them out of the display range if we want to hide them…

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