Watch face +/- half an hour out of sync

I have been working on a personal watch face and am finding that the time is always half an hour out of sync with my phone clock. It varies between half an hour or late or early, switching every hour or so… which is bizarre.

I have a Samsung Watch 6 and my phone is a Samsung S21 FE
My timezone is (GMT+10:30)

I have tried restarting, resyncing, and uninstalling… stock watch faces don’t seem to have this issue.
Could this be a weird timezone issue?

Heres is the watch link.


It’s displaying the correct time for me? Do other faces on Facer show the correct time for you?

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You have used the #DUmZ# tag for the minutes. That is UTC time, so depending on your location it could be 1/2 an our difference. There are such timezones in Australia and the US.

So maybe better using the normal minutes tag.


Yes well done Tom . Those Half hour Time Zones Are difficult to manage . Being sat on UTC n GMT at the moment it is nor worth me even syncing the Face .
@jethro.kleinig . Try what Tom has suggested and get back .
I see it is premium so I could not sync it any way .
Where are you out of Interest . I strikes me you are right on the Border of the Time Zone .


Probably why it’s correct in Sydney! Good call


@tom.vannes Your suggestion seems to have fixed my issue. Thanks! I completely overlooked that at the time, thinking it wouldn’t be an issue.

@russellcresser I am smack bang in the middle of my time zone in Adelaide, Australia, so no funky flipping between time zones based on being too close to the border. Tom seems to have cracked it.


These We Fixed it Topics are Great .