[Watch Face] I was Thinking About Such a Metamorphosis Wake Up Effect for a Long Time

…and finally the current (Mai 2018) contest is a perfect match in my opinion.

Ticwatch Metamorphosis

That do you think about this kind of design in general?

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Love the wakeup animation, color changing background, etc… very innovative/creative!

Not quite as sold on the font choice to be honest… it lends itself to LCD designs, and I don’t know how it’d look on my watch (small thin text is a mixed bag – that or I’m just getting old :D)

Either way, nice work!

The opening effect is a real killer, but the face itself is rather average.

Hi @cth4242, @GAUSS,

thanks for feedback. I will use your recommendations at the next watch face if you agree :wink:

For sure.

We should help each other … and its important to tell the truth. It helps to get better.

BtW: the effect on the Tomaja Logo is really nicely made and funny but in this Case a little bit to much imhO.

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Of course, anytime!

I like it, but I am a big fan of wake up animations. I’m not a huge fan of the mobvoi logo but I understand why it’s used in this application. I’d like to see you do a wake up animation like this of your own style or logo. Either way I enjoy this metamorphosis.

@GAUSS thanks again! @cth4242 thank you… @syntaxracing let’s “wait” together for the next metamorphosis :wink: