[Watch Face] Interactive Mario on Yoshi's Island

Here’s another fun watch face with unique features. There are lots of Mario type of watch faces, but how many have a side scrolling background and are interactive, complete with weather and 3 day forecast?

Flick your wrist and watch Mario jump! Yes, it is interactive! Mario runs across the entire Yoshi’s World level, jumping at your command. Coins fly by and as Mario grabs them, they spin up.

Current temperature is in Green, top left, along with current weather condition, which is day/night aware, along with todays high/low temperatures. Three day forecast weather condition is top right, with daily high and lows.

Time is in Mario font center left. Seconds are to the right, replacing the coin counter. Steps are beside the red spikey koopa troopa turtle. Watch battery level is at the bottom in a linear scale. It is green above 60%, red below 30%, and yellow in the middle.


How did you make it so that it recognized when you flicked your wrist?

It’s using the accelerometer tags being sensed to adjust the y value. I don’t have a pro account so I can’t use the touchscreen as a controller, so I used what I can.

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How have I never seen this face before! Awesome!

Thanks @ALWatchfaces!

Wow! Great job, could I see the line that you used? I am looking into having an action that is activated by a flick of a wrist.

Thank you @atkinson0876, appreciate it.

In the mario sequence (mario running animation) Y position box I added the following line:


Basically what this is saying is that if a minor flick of the wrist is detected with a value of 1 to 2, move mario from position 260 to 210 (a jump), otherwise keep him at position 260 (regular walking). The #Ds# tag check for the seconds time stamp from 15 to 20 seconds is unrelated, and only needed to force mario to jump up onto a platform in between those times, otherwise he would be walking through solid ground.

Hope this helps?! I’d love to see what you create with this!

PS: I should also point out that you should have the following line somewhere in a text block off the screen. I understand it turns on the accelerometer for a quicker response:

(accelerometerX()) x (accelerometerY())

If you are interested in the accelerometer as a controller, I also used the following line in the x position box of another fun face:


Essentially this starts the x position at 160 in the middle of the screen, and adjusts it left/right by a factor of 12 x the angle value, depending on the angle of your wrist. In this example, it moves a bowling ball left and right upon screen on state start, to send the ball down the alley…

Funny thing with these accelerometer controls, you cannot test them in the browser preview. You can test them in the android app’s preview though. The best test is on the wrist however.