[Watch Face] Jump Circles


Nice! I love this sort of thing. It’s also stylish how you’ve framed it. My only question is why the second twice? Personally I would keep the small seconds and ditch the central seconds. Or alternatively use the sub dial for power level instead.


I Thought of it before, do you think keeping the big seconds and center the logo, or just clear the big seconds?

I tend to like to fit in time, date, and battery as the essentials. Obviously sometimes a design won’t show it, but those are the things I like to always have on my own watch, so this for me would be an obvious solution. Keep the central seconds and use the sub dial as a battery indicator.

But… It’s your baby! By all means do as you see fit. This is just one opinion.


Yeah It’s Great Feedback, and good opinion i think battery indicator will be better :wink:

yes, this is a nice one!



I love the look of this one. Very smart. My only issue is that when you get towards the hour, its hard to tell what hour it is. For example, here in Newfoundland, it is now 2:52, but looking at your face it looks like it’s 3:52. I get that that’s how the rotational numbers work, but wonder if the hour window were bigger, it might take care of this problem.


That could be solved making it actually jump hours (like the name suggests)


i will try to make it bigger :wink:


I agree with jump hours bring a good idea for this kind of time display in general.

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