Watch face keeps reloading

I don’t know if its supposed 2 do it but, Whenever the watch turns off and I lift it back up, the clock stays at where it is and quickly rushes to the current time, is it supposed to do that, It is annoying seeing the second hand speeding up to the current time.

That’s something that might depend on the face. Some faces have “wake up” transitions applied to the seconds hand. But we don’t have the option to have the seconds hand continue to rotate in dim mode so that means it will either sweep or jump to the correct position when it wakes up. …or sometimes people make it disappear in dim all together in which case it will just reappear on wake at the current time position.

Along with what @kvansant said, Facer also has a slight lag when not using the AOD mode. If you don’t have it always on when the watch face wakes up it will display the last time it was displaying for half a second then jump to the current time. After you get used to it you start ignoring it and don’t notice it.

yeah I think @mrantisocialguy is right, I don’t think its anything to do with the hand, even with a digital face, the minute text would quickly change, bus as you said, aod fixes it.