Watch face lag (ticwatch E)

Hello facer community!
Sorry my first post is for support.

I’m currently running a ticwatch E and am experiencing lots of lag when facer is set as the watch face.

Swiping to access notifications or settings is unbearably slow.

My phone is a pixel XL

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Hi @therealsirtepl

Sorry about that! There is a known bug with Facer and Ticwatch E where faces that use an outline effect on the text run very slow. Can you share the link or name of the watch face you use that is making your Ticwatch slow?


Thank you so much for the help!

The watch face was one of my own via the creator tool.

I’ve removed the outline effect for text and it is now working perfectly

I’ll make sure to make Ticwatch E supported versions of the watch faces I have uploaded already :smiley:

Oh good! Sorry about the issue with the outline, it is a bug we’re hoping to fix soon.