Watch face lags and needs to "catch up" upon waking

Hey all, sorry if the heading doesn’t make much sense, I wasn’t sure how to exactly word it and I couldn’t really find anything else on the support list.

So the best way I can describe it is, when I wake my watch to check the time, it will show the time of when the watch was last awake. For example, let’s say I checked the watch at 3:45pm, then checked it again at 4:45pm. When the watch is woken up, it will show 3:45pm before jumping to 4:45pm. Like it needs to catch up or is lagging. Same issue with any watch faces that have animations. Is there any any fixes for that? Or is it just part of the app? When I uses watchface that came default with the smartwatch, it doesn’t do that, just works shows current time normally. I’m using a Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Active2. Everything is up to date. Thanks in advance and sorry for making this long.

I see this mostly when I put my watch down to charge it for the night, and it happens because when the watch is not on my wrist the screen is turned off; when I want to check the time I wake the screen up, and obviously the whole point of turning the screen off is so the watch doesn’t have to do much in order to save battery :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is happening when the watch is on your wrist, I imagine you’re not using the “Always on Display” feature/mode? If so, try turning it on and see if the problem persists? I have every feature toggled ON on my Active 2 and still get great battery out of it, so don’t be afraid to use it.

If it happens even with AOD on, then I’m not sure :confetti_ball:

I do have AOD off, but like I mentioned, I have no such issues if I use the stock watch faces, whether it’s on my wrist or not. If I were to wake it up, be it by gesture or touch, the time displayed will be correct and not jump forward to “catch up”. So I was hoping that there is something I might be missing with the Facer app. Thanks for the response though, appreciate the help :smile:

I imagine stock watch faces use a lot less battery than having to run a watch face through Facer first. If that’s the case it makes sense that there are some tiny compromises they are going for to keep the battery consumption as low as possible.

I don’t think there’s a way around that though. Sorry :frowning: Though I wouldn’t mind someone showing up and proving me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahh yeah that makes sense, I didnt think of that. Well I might just have to suck it up until they find a way to better optimize it in the future.

But I would still be open to any fixes or workarounds too lol

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