[Watch Face] Let's Play

LOL hey @Tomas do you mind if I use your random function and make one of these spinner watches?


Hi John! @jmorga106! I would be happy :wink:

Let’s spin it!

@Tomas LOL you’re amazing dude. I feel so honored. :blush: :blush:

Hello @LinzZz, you have great ideas and you insist on them. Thank you for this! :wink:

Very nice! Next stop: Slot machine?

Hi @GAUSS, I do already have (two) slot machines in my portfolio :wink:


We never get adult, do we?

Very nice machines!

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These are awesome!!! Some fantastic engineering.

These are great! Good job, Tomas!

Very useful explanations thank you very much

Thanks a lot for your feedback @Linlay, @roycaruso and @oregon900 :wink:

It seems that a lot of people likes to play :wink:

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