Watch Face Links Not Showing In Facer Community

@Facer_Official How come the links to watch faces have quit showing on the community pages? This started yesterday afternoon sometime. I’ve tried with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Tor browsers and my cellphone and none of them will show the watch face, just a rectangular outline of the face link. I’ve also tried with a Linux powered computer with the same results.


I have the same problem!

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Don’t mind me, just testing this out for myself.

Yup, same problem

@Facer_Official ???

no issues here

Weird. On my end I cannot see it either

This is what that same post looks like to me. Maybe it’s just a country wide and not world wide problem. Hopefully @Facer_Official can get this fixed soon.

You Might be right about countrywide. I am from Canada and I have the same issue.

Same problem in CZ

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Confirmed, links not working in Canada West coast. What’s up???

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It’s something to do with the “iFrame” function for embedding parts of webpages into other webpages.


I’m getting the same thing here in the UK.

After I did a bit of digging, I found the issue to be the following stylesheet class: -
I Added the line ‘height: 100%;’ and the watch was displayed.

I’m not saying this is 100% the cause of the issue or the best solution…

It’s just something I discovered and thought I would share.


This watch face preview bullshit hasn’t worked for 11 days. It turns out that, at first glance, all you need to do is tweak the styles. Those sitting in the beta are fine. But I, for example, don’t need a beta, I don’t want to test anything.


I’m not going to depend on Facer getting this fixed. Like with everything else @Facer_Official does, they take their own sweet time fixing things. And it was like that even before the pandemic hit. For me until I know it’s working I’m just going to post a picture with a link to the watch face.

Like this:

MAG 1295


Glad you said what needed to be said.

Same problem in Italy

I’ve been told this problem should now be fixed. I’m about to go find out :slight_smile:

they are, and seem faster too

making up for lost time :slight_smile:

I saw your link! Thanks @Facer_Official for getting the link issue fixed!

Thank you @Facer_Official for this great victory, the road to it was quick, only 25 days. Now we can finally show our inimitable watch faces to the rest of the watch face enthusiasts on this forum :grinning:

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