[Watch Face] My 100th face milestone - Flappy Time Interactive Mini Game Face

This watch face is a bit of a milestone for me. Number 100! Yay!

Flappy Time - Interactive Mini Game:

My tribute to Flappy Bird!

This is an interactive mini game watch face! Yes, tilt your wrist forward and backward, just enough to move the birdie up and down to try to make it through the spaces between the pipes. Don’t worry, it’s for fun, and there will be no collisions - just keep going!

Time is on the left, hours up, minutes down. If you are in 12 hour mode, am/pm will appear as appropriate below the minutes. Seconds are on the top right, where tubes cleared would normally be.

Current weather condition icon, with current temperature and today’s high/low is top left. Next 3 day forecast condition icons with daily highs/lows is top right.

Battery level meter is on the bottom. It is Green above 60%. Yellow between 30 & 60%. Red below 30%.

Steps are above the battery level meter.

I don’t usually do this, but hey - Inspection mode is on!

Note: In the preview, the accelerometer is not active, so the birdie will always be flapping at the bottom. On the watch, he moves with your wrist action.

Here is another bonus face I worked on last week, number 99…

Big Hour:

-Animated large hour digits
-Rotating disks for Minutes, & Seconds line up with the red line in the window.
-Mathematical Expressions rather than graphical disks for Minutes and Seconds allow Digital Zoom and rounding to nearest digit while zooming.
-Current Weather Condition, which is day/night aware is top left, with current temperature and weather station.
-Watch battery level on the top. Green if level is above 60%. Yellow if level is between 30 and 60%. Red if level is below 30%.
-Steps is belwo the weather data.
-Daily weather forecast condition icons are on the top right of the screen. Daily high/low temperatures are graphed above the forecast icons, to show the temperature trends.
-OLED, AOD mode, 12 hour mode, 24 hour mode compatible.

Note: Sometimes the preview in android and the website are buggy visually, but it works well on the watch.


Congratulations on your 100th face!


Looking good Brad, congratulations mate :clap: :boom: :champagne:

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Oh, I love your Warp Field face Brad, that looks well cool in its’ simplicity :+1: