[Watch face] My best design yet (I think)

Following my last watch face, this is a little more compact and I think it is my best design. Please tell me what you think as it helps me to become a better designer.


In my opinion it lacks style, in my opinion if you apply a little more on color shades and night appearance you will get better results …

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Sorry to say this, but i agree with miani67

I like it! I like the color scheme. My only suggestion would be if you could find a way to enlarge the text without losing the nice balance, and probably add a little weight to the sub dial hands.

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I think it looks fine. These are just personal observations/opinions…

  • I think the hour hand is too short. I would extend it so that it’s close to, or hits the hour markers.
  • Made in USA is too large compared to the size of your logo. Also, I think if you’re going to do something like that, it has to curve. If you can’t do that in your editing software, I would make it go straight across. Putting it on an angle, but not curved looks wrong.
  • I personally find it annoying to have gauges that have no context - they don’t tell you what they do, and their markings have no relation to anything.
  • What kind of angle do you have going on the bottom gauge? Make it 90%. Not 95%, or whatever that is. :slight_smile:

I like the actual hand design and the colour scheme and its easily readable, so I say good job!