Watch face - My clock - your opinions

Hello. So after studying the forum, I created this dial with moving icons. Your opinion.

Who doesn’t like moving icons:


Hey, they’re pretty cool for your first designs, well done :clap:

Thk icrltd4

I forgot the description:

progress step, battery, second, AM/PM, weather icon (my edits), distance ml/km, barometer, indicator battery (phone-watch) 100-40 green, 40-20 yellow, 20-0 red.


fun looking icons, remind me of those old lcd games

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Showing your age there Matt mate :rofl:

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Love the one with calories… but there doesn’t appear to be a setting to change from 24 hr time format to 12 hr am/pm format.

Sadly, until, or if, you add this feature, this face will just sit in my watch box :frowning:

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Aaaaaannnndddd… Marco69h has already made the change to allow 12 hr am/pm time format.

You ROCK!!

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I enclose with the weather for 3 days :slight_smile:

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or rotating roulette day night with current weather and temperature :slight_smile:

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Nice designs @marco69h well done :clap:

Thk :wink:

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You're Welcome Gif 01

Today I played with a fitness watch. There’s everything a fitness machine needs. Who likes it, download :slight_smile:


Fitness clock 12/24, day-night progress, step count-progress, battery progress, hearth count - progress, max.-min. temperature, actual temperature, sunrise - sunset, progress km/mil, kcal.

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Nicely put together @marco69h and I like all your little icons, good job :+1:

Not sure if I count yet , first day guy. But coooool, it makes me want it so I think it is good. And we all need good.


Welcome @rcleapor. You normally get a Newbie Sticker on your first post. You are in the right place at the right time.