[Watch Face] My first face EK-1

My first face.
I hope he likes it and there won’t be many mistakes. Or write what is wrong, thank you for any feedback.


Hi @ekky.mi

Nice, clear face

I would suggest to hide the seconds dot in dim mode since many watches (especially Samsung) does not allow seconds in dim mode.

Another suggestion; when switching to dim mode the location of the time and date displays is different, personally I would prefer to keep them in the original location and turn off the other complications (just my personal preference)

Question: what are the 2 green dots for?

Great work…

Looks like those are the analog hands. The one on the tickmarks being the big hand and the other the small hand.

I made the dial exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy 46, so it is certain that it will work and will work on the Samsung.
Those green dots … in the description are with analog elements, so the green dots show the hours and minutes.

I apologize for English, I am from the Czech Republic and I have it translated by google translator.

Otherwise, I have another clean and simple dial in my head, an analog inspired by Timex E-Compas