[Watch Face] My first face! What do you guys think?

Just got my first smartwatch the other day and couldn’t find anything I really liked, so I made my own! Really enjoyed the process. What do you guys think? It’s from the show Re:Zero, one of my all time favorites!

I really hate that “dim” mode is really just “skeleton” mode on most watches, so I used the opportunity to create two separate designs that tie into one another, with dim being much darker. I’ve worn it all day and noticed no difference in my battery life so far!

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Welcome to the Community draconisgaming, that’s nice for your first Face and I like the Dim screen. There’s lots to learn and find out here, and lots of helpful members too. Just in case you want to use any Hands you don’t see in the Creator, there are lots HERE and you’ll find lots of Resources and even Tutorials here in the Community. Good luck on your journey . . . .

Hi, for a first try I say cute :slight_smile:
I would maybe try a bit rearrange the time and image position so the digits not cover a head, or add a little white glow effect to the black digits, so they are easier to read.

You know, I tried the whole glow thing and it works fine on the site, but when I send it to my watch it creates a white fluffy bar behind the letters, it nowhere near covers the whole thing.

Welcome to Facer. Instead of using glow which does not render correctly on WearOS watches just double up on the time. When I want to make sure something is seen I will put two instances of it sometimes three. I always change color like in your face I would put the time in black then another copy just below it in white and offset it 2 or 3 pixels down and to the right. Here is one where I’ve done multiple copies of the time using two different fonts (one outline and one solid) then added extras for shadow and for 3D effect. I have inspection open on it so you can see how I’ve done it. (little rocket ship in left row of icons)

MAG 1377

The date at the bottom will be the clearest example since I only used one solid font to make it. I then added a shadow and a highlight.


Very cool! Thank you for the idea, that works very well!

Just gave it a try, what do you think?

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Looks good. It’s now a lot easier to see the black time against the one’s black hair.

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