[Watch Face] New "World Time" design


This is the “World Time” face I just finished and testing now.
It consists of an analog time in the center, a ring that rotates showing the time in 24 cities around the world.
A battery meter and date at 6 o’clock and a heart will show up if the HR is 150+.
There is also 2 vesrions within, touch the center of the watch to switch colors.
I hope you like it, feedback is welcome


@ozarour I like it. The only thing that I question would be that Facer will not allow the watch face to be synced. Did you take it off of Facer?

Thank you @ryanpaul28
It’s because it is still a draft and not published…
I like to test a face before publishing, it will be published in the next few days

Got it. It’s always good to test it before publishing it.

Hi @ozarour, that’s a nice watch face.
I am in the “Paris” timezone, but the time on your ring is an hour behind…

Hi @ThaMattie
I understand that Paris is +1 from GMT in winter time, am I correct?

yes it is

So when you view the the draft on your PC the main watch should be showing your local time, right? What is the time shown under LON?

In Amman, where I live it’s 21:53 now, the watch is showing 19:53 in London (-2) and 20:53 in Paris (-1) from my time which I think is correct

this is the watch for me:

You are right @ThaMattie, the GMT ring is not reading correctly, the formula must be incorrect, I will review tomorrow

Thank you for catching this glitch

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Hi @ThaMattie

May I ask you to test again…

Hi @ozarour
It is still 1 hour off for me:

BTW it is showing the hour only no minutes, according to your image, time 11:53 the GMT dial is showing 11 on Paris, which i guess is correct
Working on the minutes

If that is the case, yes then it’s ok. I thought you had hours+minutes in 1 smooth rotation

I’m trying to figure how to add the minutes… no luck so far

If you open up inspection I could take a look

It’s not published, can I open inspection in draft mode?

If not here is the equation I’m using: (((-360/24)*#DUH#)+15)

yeah you can enable it from the list:


Convert the hours into minutes and add them:

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