Watch face not working properly on smartwatch

Hello everyone,
I’m new toFacer and I’ve just created this watchface:


On the website it works correctly:

  • The sun picture shows current time’s position in a 24-hours circle
  • The dark area shows the night time and at its borders sunset and sunrise times are shown
  • In the dark area the sun disappears and the moon takes its place
  • “Midday” and “Midnight” labels are exactly in the middle of the light and the dark arches

When I downloaded it to my Moto 360 2014, the only thing that works properly is the time… labels, sun, sunset and sunrise time are placed randomly.

Is anyone willing to test my watch and give an opinion?

Thank you in advance!

@acomp ~ if you’ll enable inspection, I’d be willing to check out your watchface. Since I’m new to designing watchfaces myself, I can’t guarantee I’ll be any help though!

In case you don’t know how, here’s how to enable inspection: