[Watch Face] Primaries - Inspector open

Somewhat elegant, somewhat abstract simple looking design with some rotation stuff going on under the hood. Inspector mode left open. Its not revolutionary in the traditional sense, but each hand has a gauge that revolves around two axes, so in that sense… :smiley:


Now that is thinking outside of the box! Great concept.

Excellent, very impressive work under the hood indeed, well done Rich :clap:
Have yourself a great Christmas my friend :santa:

Nice idea!

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Very original and presented fabulously. Great expressions at the back end that many a creator can learn from.

Also personal thanks for the imagery bringing my idea for an asteroids face out of half asleep mode to first release. It had been brewing for a while I think, in those moments when I woke breifly to turn over but seeing the rotation brought things to the surface. Much of my solution and idea work is done half asleep.