[Watch Face] Quadaxial Wandering Hours 2

Inspired by a real tri-axial wandering hours that I recently purchased, made quad-axial to differentiate.

Four axles each with 3 hours to them. The Four 3 hour groups rotate around the watch at 1/4 pie slice spacing. Each individual hour group axle rotates as they impact the copper triangular striker in the top left.

Time is read off the right 1/4 of the watch. Minutes are along the right edge, incorporating a digital zoom on the curvilinear scale. Hours are read on the black disk adjacent to the minute zone, in yellow. Seconds are the copper/red hand, also using the same scale as the minutes.

Day/date at top, colour coded battery level scale on left, 24 hr rotating day/night graphic at the bottom.


Amazing as Always . All of your Faces are an Education .


I have seen the real one, it is amazing. Well done on your recreation :slight_smile:


Wow, haven’t seen you for a while and now I can see why: there’s absolutely loads of complicated, way over my head math in there for sure, very, VERY impressive my friend :clap::smiley::1st_place_medal:


Sorry for the low light, but this is the real version that inspired. I just made it 4 dials instead of 3, and moved the seconds to the right, instead of the top. I’m adjusting the time so one can see it better in the movements. I tried to duplicate the background gears as well. The date/battery/day-night indicators are a bit embellished I suppose.