[Watch Face] Quick one on a break

I don’t have an awful lot of time lately to work on more complicated designs so while I still work on few of the previous ones, I’ve created this :slight_smile:
I’ve had this display type font in my crosshairs for a while now.
I’ve found it originally as a picture of display unit design and it caught my eye. I like segmented displays!
But finding out anything about this unit turned out futile, AEG MIS’s link to it is dead, as is their website. Searching for them only leads to railway technology-related websites but it doesn’t seem like the LCD unit is produced (or the company exists, unless they’ve changed name), though I’ve found reports of some of their products still being operational.

Luckily, the display is based on Gearscript 38/39 font so I had some source to base the letter design on. I’ve modified the numbers, though, as I’ve found them more to my liking in my iteration. CC3.0 allows me to do that so it’s been a fantastic play in Inkscape/Birdfont creating stuff :slight_smile:

This took longer than it should with my limited time, but at it was worth prioritizing it :smiley: with how much of a blast it was.
So, with the theme of segmented display governing this design in mind, I present you Chunky Giant 2:

I didn’t intend for this to be so image-heavy, but there was no other way around font artifacts, and the size of the font meant it was all the more infuriating to see them.
(Facer Devs, any idea if this can be looked into in the nearest future?)
There was also an issue with sizing of the lines separating each character’s elements apart - at a specific height, the gap seemed bigger than actually in the font, all courtesy of the low resolution of watch display. This would require reworking the font, I believe, increasing the gap size a little bit to account for that but it’s way too much of a work for a quick job that this watch face was.

I’ll publish as soon as I get the CC3.0 acredition sorted out, and I want to check how it would look using a color as well.


Beautiful work only the date is swallowed

Interesting, that should not be the case since the element uses tags to ensure its constant width… But I’ve disabled the Fixed Width option, shouldn’t have been there in the first place - thanks for the info!

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It all works well together, but the whole style and colour theme isn’t to my liking sorry akar :grimacing:

No problem, I appreciate we have different taste :slight_smile: Happy we can still honestly speak about it with no heart feelings! Respect :slight_smile:

It is on time that .svg images would be accepted too.