[Watch Face] - Rebel Star Pilot

Hi Friends, still plucking away now and then, just haven’t had time to make anything new. It’s been a few months but here is something new today, with a Star Wars Rebel feel to it, layered on top of a James Webb image of the Pillars of Creation.

-Classic Blue Pilot Watch with a Rebel X-Wing theme on the surface
-Real Active Gyrosope top and centre. Reacts to your movements. If your watch has a compass, it will show your direction as well.
-Gyro active glass reflection.
-Watch battery level percentage and graph left of Gyroscope. Graph will be red below 35%, green above 60%, and yellow in between.
-Month Window right of Gyroscope
-Current weather condition icon, temperature and elevation in 9 o’clock window.
-4 day forecast of weather condition & high/low temperature graph in 3 o’clock window.
-Current moon phase and age of moon in 7 o’clock window.
-Day of month in 4 o’clock window
-Sunrise/sunset times in 6 o’clock window, with accurate graphical representation of daylight and nightime.
-Active Gyro turn guage on the bottom.


Excellent work as always @bradtc - great to see you’re still with us :grin::+1:


Wow great . You never hold back on colour and Detail .

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