Watch Face request [ newbie ]

I used to have a World Watch in the early 2000’s.
If I could, I’d like to recreate the functions I liked. Especially now that battery life is much better.

What I really liked was 3 features.
Inside the outer circumference, a 24hr dial.
A ring just inside of that showed the moonrise/moonset cycle (dark vs light).
Inside that, a cake wedge from outer ring to center showed where the day is on the sunrise/sunset cycle (dark vs light).
It had a 24hr hand in the center to tie it all together. And of course a digital time near the center.

It had function for multiple cites, and time zones, with sunrise alarms, etc.
I really only used/want the 24hr positions of sun and moon, with actual time left in the day at my location.

I just really liked a graphical (pie chart I suppose) representation of the day.
Because during summer I live outside until just after dark.

Is this even possible with the current software?
I did a search for solar lunar, but didn’t find too much. [Black Pearl - Yemaya Sunrise] has some of the features I like though.


That’s a neat watch face.

I’ve got a couple watch faces that show the pie chart phase of the daylight hours. I’ve also got a couple of watch faces that show the daylight cascading accross the earth. It’s a great concept to combine them together. I want to make that!

Stay tuned, perhaps follow and you’ll see something like this with a modern take in a week or so…

Here are my pie chart daylight faces…

Here are my shadow cascading accross the globe faces…

I’ll make a comination of the two similar to what you’ve got.


This one of mine has some of the things you like (analog, not digital though).
Inspection is on as well if you want to know how to make your own with some of it:

I just uploaded this watch face that is inspired by the one above requested by @michael068.gti with a modern twist. Clearly it isn’t exactly as requested, but it has all the elements requested plus many more features.

Lately the direct links haven’t been working, so here is a hyperlink & image, until they fix things…

Thanks, but only the last image is showing.
I’m using latest Firefox on W10pro, also on my android phone, same problem.
I’ll have some time this weekend to try a little programming on the app, I think.

Inspection works better than the forum images…
Wanna pull my hair out!

Earthshade looks great!

Somehow I wound up on: Phoenix.From.Dusk.till.Dawn. That also is a huge step forward in what I’m thinking of.
It is very much the kind of face I am thinking of ,

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Glad you like it. At some point I will also make a watch face that has moonrise and set, but I’m pressed for time, so all my work comes out very slowly :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the previews not showing, they do show if you sign up for the beta. They are working on a fix for the non-beta users.