[Watch Face] Rush - Clockwork Angels

I’m new to watch face creation. It’s a little obsessive! :slight_smile: This is my second face, but first one I’ve made public.

Feedback welcome.

Welcome and congrats! Remember always test your design in your own watch/watches to check readibility. In this case between hands and symbols and the red background. And the size of the day text.

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Hey @carlosfilippa I appreciate your feedback. I’ve only been on Facer for a brief while, but respect your designs and your input. I absolutely agree with you. I struggle with how the GUI on the web browser and how it displays on the watch. And, as the designer, I know what it looks like, so that makes it a little deceiving. But thank you.

I wish Facer made things a little easier to resize and “group”. I think it would make designing go faster. Maybe I’ll work on this design more and take some of your suggestions to heart. This stuff is addictive, and I could spend hours upon hours making a design the way I want.

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