[Watch face] Shine

Tomaja’s tutorial got me thinking. why not display this 3d reflection with the movement of your wrist? big shoutout to tomaja and also wutronic for his cosmonaut watch

I’m still figuring out the mechanics though…

Here’s the link to the tutorial


Hi William! How can I reproduce this shine effect like you did in your ‘50 shades of shine’? I tried to access the tutorial link, but is offline and can’t see the tutorial to reproduce the shine effect. Many thanks!!

The tutorial is from @Tomas describing the shine on wake up. I just added kind of the same shine but instead of interpaccl I used the accelerometerY() in the rotation area of the shine. Furthermore I think it’s more realistic if you rotate a whole layer like in my panda eyes

The 50 shade of shine is open for inspection

you’ll see the shine has (clamp(-accelerometerY()*8, -320,640)) in the rotation. I had to duplicate this layer and twist it 180 degrees: (clamp(180-accelerometerY()*8, -320,640))

Great!! I saw that 50 shade is open. I already did something similar. Many thanks for your tricks!!

ok show me