[Watch Face] Simple and rotational

Hey there! I wanna show you a new WF i made today…
It has three rotational arrows to show watch battery, current temperature and day of the week, the rest is really simple, as I like simple watches and few things on screen so it consumes less battery.

and I wanted to ask a question…
As the rotation is not as friendly as I like, I put an image for the days of the week (mon-sun) but, doing this, I only did the watchface for spanish users, as the days doesn’t show in other languages…
So my question is… is it possible to show/hide an image based on user’s language??


Hi @PoleoDeMenta,

Nice clean watchface. As far as I know there is no way to make language based images. I would just stick with one (I make everything English).
You should also look into your temperature, because it mixes Fahrenheit digits with Celsius degrees for me (and 84C is a bit high :wink: ):

Hi! Thanks for your comment!
Yeah, it’s a bit difficult because I haven’t found a way to rotate the temperature arrow correctly, so the formula I used was only for centigrates… I’m using this one:
So, when temp is above 0ºC, the arrow moves correctly on the bar, and when it’s 0 or less, it moves onto de other side…
If someone gives me a less complex solution, it would be appreciated as I usually do the things the “hard” way haha

Hi @PoleoDeMenta

Nice simple design… I like it

I just have one comment; the arrows are really small, I suggest to make them and the text on each curve a bit larger

Maybe you can experiment with a different color for the arrows