[Watch Face] Simple is the best

Analog classic red watch. Especially in the darkness.
Do you agree with me that Simple is the best?


It‘s nice but i can‘t agree.

Simple is not always the best.

Sometimes simple is simply simple.

I like details.



That’s always a matter of opinion. In the past I spent hours on details, but found out that more people liked my simple digital than the designs that had more than basic details included – especially the women’s designs. As a result, I deleted many of mine and have recently been leaning toward simple. With the faces that use images as backgrounds, the information tends to detract from the artwork, so in that case simple is always best.


Ok. I agree that there could be too much of informations. Normal pictures are not the best background.

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Nice color combination. And I think “balance” is always the best, don’t forget we are designing smartwatches not mechanical ones…


That debate could literally go on forever but what I can say is this face looks great. I think you nailed it. I like white but I have to say I think I like this one more than your other.