[Watch Face] Simple Weather

It started with an idea and like so many times before it, I ended up with something different than originally intended. The weather icon with temperatures was supposed to be on the left, vertically, and time and other info on the right.

It just didn’t feel right and something was off about it. I can’t describe it, just wasn’t satisfied with the result. Turns out rotating the “idea” 90 degrees and adding color square is all that was needed.
I need serious help, I don’t know what I’m doing :crazy_face:

In any case, I would add some carbon-like (or hexagon-like) net for full effect if I had the skills to do it but since I don’t, I’m happy how it is for now. Maybe if I one day get better at image manipulation, I’ll revisit and update the face.

At least I got a chance to once again use my own weather images :hammer:


Looks ok, nice job akar :+1:

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this is nice! Your custom weather icons are the best I’ve seen!


That turned out very nice. I especially like your weather icons!


Thank you for taking the time to comment, Everyone!

This coming from you is really humbling… Arigatōgozaimashita!

Cheers, Ant!

I finished working on another project today but it was removed due to suspected copyright infringement. Turns out you can’t use “Tet*is” (I don’t dare use it here now) in description, even though the context is “Do you like blocky elements like Tetris or LEGO bricks?”, cause it gets auto-flagged.
So I’ll have to share when my appeal is reviewed and - hopefully - face restored, I’m too lazy to do it all from scratch again… SMH.
Not to mention I’ve accidentally erased my custom weather icons for it (luckily after I finished working on them so at least they made it to Facer, but if I want different color now, I have to do redo it…)
Funny day!

EDIT: Now I’ve used it… Wonder if my post gets flagged as well? :stuck_out_tongue: