[Watch face] Something Digital

A little different but some BATWOLF DNA still shines through in this one:

Digital difference comes standard with this watch, featuring pulse, realtime heart flash, date, 12/24 hour, battery and date. The bottom left LED flashes red when the battery is lower than 15%. The bottom green LED flashes green when you have achieved your 6000 step goal. Great looking dim mode.


nice gradient! very clean layout too! in fact so clean that I wonder if a non-pixelated heart icon might look better? (unsolicited feedback so please feel free to disregard!)

Thanks @kvansant. I wondered that myself, but sadly it didn’t look any better. and I appreciate your feedback always :slight_smile:

when I saw the smaller preview in slack i didn’t notice it at all actually, it’s just the oversized preview on the PC where it’s noticeable.

You had me at the 8-bit video game heart!

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There’s not enough 8 bit in this world!

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