[Watch Face] Starburst Moonphase - blue

Here is another new one in the Starburst Moonphase series.

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Great job :slight_smile:

@boskobgd thanks! More to come !

Looks great! Looking forward to seeing your next adventure…

Thanks Richard! When are we going to see the one you mentioned earlier?:watch::watch:

Good question! I worked up a few ideas, but they all end up a little too much ‘Homage’ to Breguet or Cartier… so went back to the drawing board. And, as you know, I prefer to use hand-reared, 100% organic pixels, which are hard to come by…:wink:

Ironically, I decided to take a break from analogue and give ‘digital’ a bash, with a simple / clean typographic approach employing the use of space / balance. It took 45 mins to create. After 24 hours, it stands as my 3rd most synced watch-face…, which has left me a little bewildered. I’ll give analogue another go; the trouble is you set the ‘bar’ so high… Cheers R

Yeah, it’s a bit bewildering to me too, but if you think about it then it’s not so surprising though. I think more smart watch users are coming at it from the techie angle rather than as watch enthusiasts. Even with the watch enthusiasts there’s a higher importance placed on more commonly known brand names than on actual quality work or interesting watches. The poorly made run of the mill Bell and Ross clones still always top the charts. I guess it’s one brand that Facer doesn’t have the auto-bot filters trained to catch.

Btw… I found your digital design… looks great, better design aesthetic than most of that style. But you make great looking analog faces too. And like you say, nothing beats home grown pixels!

I also don’t think you should worry about “homage to” designs. It’s not the same thing as cloning. I’ve been reading about FP Journe’s origins and came across a great article about his first wristwatch. The clock dial portion is 100% Breguet in styling. (So many watches are actually) There’s a new watch by California watch maker JN Shapiro that was celebrated in every major watch blog last week, the design itself is straight out of Breguet by way of Voutilainen. But he brings out his own interpretation of that lineage with his incredible finishing. Point is, in the independent watch maker industry, just as in other arts, interpretation and homage are accepted and even celebrated branches of the tree. So…don’t be discouraged or deterred. You’ve got an identifiable style, I can always spot yours when I’m browsing the new releases.