[Watch face] Starburst Tourbillon

This new design combines elements I’ve used in three earlier B Sharp Inspiration Series designs. The tourbillon was designed and created from scratch in Photoshop for #15 (also used in Pensativa), This particular shade of blue sunburst was used for #2, and the staggered minutes/seconds indices was an idea I first had for #9. They all come together in a unified starburst theme for this beautiful dial. Battery level is indicated by seconds hand in Dim.
More colors to come later…



Damn that is some fine work there…wow

Thanks @leonrvs ! I appreciate the feedback.

just published a slate version of this one. Enjoy!

and now published an orange version…


Super, great texture and details, and such a positive color :+1:

thanks! The brushed starburst is certainly one of my favorites. It’s very versatile!

That orange is kicking!

i really like the orange version (and i dont even like orange)

I don’t usually think of orange either actually, but this one wound up looking a little bit like the sunburst on my Gibson L5 :slight_smile: So really it’s more tobacco sunburst than orange, but that’s too many characters for the name in the creator app, so Orange it is!

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Nicely done, great work mate.

thanks! any particular color you’d want to see of this one?