Watch Face - Start of my Digi-log ideas

After designing my first watch face. A few related faces and ideas started swarming in my head. Finally got motivated to start on the idea. Hope you like. (Still knocking my photoshop rust off, and working to refine the images used. Consider this a prototype)

Would love to know what you think or pointers. Still very new to watch face design

Thanks in advance and hope you like it


Hi there,
Great start! Nice work with the dynamic colour changes in the battery meter! I have a few pointers that you might find useful :slight_smile:

  • Try to keep your light sources consistent - It looks like each subdial has its own individual light source, when in reality, the dials would be similarly illuminated to the background. I tend to make the top left shadow and the bottom right the shine (or vice versa). It’s a small detail but it can do a lot for you design (examples below):

  • Have a read around the awesome threads here regarding downsizing and optimal resolutions - A couple of your lines are a little jagged, but could be smoothed over if you created the images at a slightly different resolution. A good thread is:
  • Don’t forget the dim mode!
  • I think this would look really cool with hands and a number dial - Not sure if that matches with your final vision, but something to consider :slight_smile:
    Keep up the great work and make sure to post any questions you have here in the community! It’s a great place to refine your skills!

Nice work!

If I had to make a suggestion, it’d be to alter the text somehow. Either make the numbers larger to make them stand out (IE: Step Count is 20 and “Steps” is 10… Stack the date so you can make both larger… Sep and then underneath 06)

Or you can outline the text in white/gray to help the black text stand out a bit more against the background.


I agree with the top left shadow and bottom right shine. Here’s two more with shadowing that make them very deep faces:


Thank you for the suggestions.

I definitely will keep an eye on light sources. but strangely, the rings are all the same image. I did notice that they do behave differently, but will definitely go back and revisit when I am starting to polish.

Also, thanks for including the downsizing and optimal resolutions. anything to get the images better are good in my book.

Really appreciate the pointers and dig your faces!

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Oh, good points. As I was formatting the face, your points completely slipped my mind. Good catch and will play with outlining them as well! Thank you!


oh wow…very nice. Thanks, will definitely try that format…I really like how dynamic it makes the face…Thank you

No worries!
Thanks, glad you like them :slight_smile:

I definitely dig the dynamic color changing and the idea. I think these guys have some great pointers. If I were to add one I would say, your brushed metal looks great but I think it has to much contrast. For me it becomes a bit distracting when its that dynamic. Here’s an example of one of mine.

I opted for a much softer approach but you don’t need to even it out as much as I did or at all if that’s how you like it.

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Definitely a great point. I had done a tutorial and were getting the pieces in place. Will definitely tone it down, and completely agree with your assessment that it is distracting. Thankfully, polish is still to come and things like this are great ideas to get a better looking face.

Thank you much


Anytime! We look forward to your next face. If you have anymore questions along the way please ask. We love to help.

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