Watch face step counter does not match native app

The face step counter does not match the native step counter app on my Galaxy watch 4 classic. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the Facer Community Chris, where there’s loads to learn and plenty of helpful people too. With all new Watches, there’s issues that are gonna pop up until things are smoothed out. Might just be a different synch time or something, but I’m no expert. Sometimes a simple reboot of the device can solve things…worth a try… :grin:

Once I used to think, the counter on watch face will show close values to native step counter app when they both reset at midnight. Recently I got feedback it was not the case and it is rather common the app and watch face live separate lives on the watch.

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Having the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. My facer watch face and the Samsung Health App have a difference of almost 1200 steps on any given day. It’s not just the steps; the heartbeat counter, weather, even the time (in terms of the seconds) are off by some degree. Did a quick Google search and it seems to lie with the fact that Facer (and every other app out there) was developed specifically for Wear OS (not Wear OS3 which is what our watches are running). Since the two operating systems are similar, but not quite the same, you get apps that kind of work, but not really. Unfortunately right now, if you want a watch face that accurately displays information, than you are restricted to the stock watch faces that came with the watch. As of right now, any third party face app will display inaccurate or incomplete information because the coding backbone is based off the older Wear OS and not Wear OS3. It would be like trying to use MS Word 1993 version on Windows 10; it will kind of work, but functionality is limited. It’s very frustrating and I probably wouldn’t have purchased the watch had I known. Not a big fan of the stock faces, and Facer produces some great faces. Hopefully they will update the app to eventually run on Wear OS3.


Welcome to the Community @bassofconverse and yes, there are quite a few “teething” problems with the new Galaxy Watches, but they are being addressed and hopefully everything will be ironed out sooner rather than later.

I definitely have faith in Facer to get the bugs worked out… not so much in Samsung/Google. The Samsung Health app is super buggy so I consider the facer step count to be the more accurate one anyways haha.

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Same here on my Galaxy 4 Classic. Match is off by a thousand steps all the time!?

Hi there!

We are happy to share this issue is now fixed in Facer 5.1.72 which is available in BETA on Google Play.

To get this version, please enroll into the BETA by following these steps:

If you are already enrolled in the BETA, you should receive this update automatically via Google Play.

Please let us know if this version fixes the step counter issue for you.

Cheers and thanks for your patience!
The Facer team

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Still not working sadly.
Facer version 5.1.80 on Samsung Watch 4.
Steps 0, Heartbeat at a default 75 etc…, while the regular Samsung skins they show correctly.