[Watch face] SVX-P3

I created a mini collection of faces inspired by the tachometer of a car of an unnamed brand.
The face is combined digital with analog, the display shows information about the battery, time, date, steps, distance and floor.
I will be happy for any feedback.

PS: You can look forward to another collection called P2 and P2R

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Looks fairly good

Thank you. I’m just learning, it’s my third creation so far.

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You’re most welcome, I too am only just beginning my learning journey :sweat_smile:

II prefer to use Galaxy Watch Studio, but when the graphics are ready, I kind of throw it in, here in the creator and it somehow turns out. There are more options in GWS and it’s better overall, here for the functions that are there I have to have a subscription, which I cough, so here the faces are quite cut against the original Samsung, moreover, the coding is better than here.
Now I have a problem with another dial when I can’t set the hand as a battery indicator. I also found a tutorial but it still doesn’t work according to him.
In GWS at ease …

Pretty easy in Facer as well…

Inspection is enabled:

Thank you