Watch Face Sync not working on Galaxy Watch 6

I received the following comment on one of my faces.
“Will not load on watch. Galaxy 6. Keeps reverting back to this screen.”
I have included their screen shot.

Here is the Watch Face link:
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I have the Galaxy Watch 4 with no issues. This face has quite a few syncs and this is the 1st I have had this issue complaint.

Anyone know why this would happen? Any help would be appreciated.

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Just synced it on my ticwatch. no issues. I noticed a Facer glitch today though, my watch flickered like crazy for about 10 seconds. It then rebooted by itself. All good now…

Thanks Tom. I figured it might be a glitch in the system. I mean… this is a pretty busy system.
But I wanted to be sure it wasn’t a known issue.

From that picture it would suggest to me that they didn’t have Facer set as their active Face :thinking:


Well that could very well be … though they said it kept reverting back to that screen. Hopefully it was a temporary glitch and they can get any watch face now.

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My Galaxy Watch 6 has been doing the same thing! It will not sync new faces and brings me right back to that screen on my watch saying “open.” I don’t know if this person set their face with a Facer one, but I did and I am connected both via wifi and Bluetooth it is NOT syncing new faces!