[Watch Face] Synth/Modular inspired collection

This has been my very first two watches I’ve been working on over the past couple of days for my upcoming series.

My next planned is a also a very simple one, where I want to animate the pointers as patch cables getting plugged out and in… (But I still couldn’t figure out the math)


Very different I must admit, but I like the animations :+1:

Well done! You must be an electronic engineer or similar? Awesome start!

nice, I like Tape

I a software engineer with an occasional passion for modular software synths.

There is are some bugs in the modular watch face which don’t occur on the creator. Have to figure out what it is. In general I’m happy with the result on the web browser, but on my Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS it looks crap. Do you guys also have this similar experience with other watches?

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I wanted it to be different. Because the usual stuff is already here, and in much better qualitiy :wink:

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I used to work in a music department at the university I work at, and we had a very low number Moog modular. I ended up getting it sold - it likely didn’t work (everone was afraid to turn it on because it had been left to rot for so long). It would have needed a careful hand and lots of work to get it back into working shape. Still sold it for $20k to a collector who assured me that he was going to get it fully renovated. Might sound like a bit of a sin to sell it, but we ended up using the money to help update the electro-acoustic lab and recording facilities and get things that could easily be incorporated into the curriculum.

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I’ve never been into collecting stuff. Having said that … I think newer build of the Moog would do the same sound wise. So it’s probably nostalgic collectors sentiment. I’m running software synths after all :smiley:

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I’m running all software VI’s too. I’ve never been an analog fanatic, but the sound is definitely different to digital. I got a Moog Voyager with part of the money from the sale of the Moog modular, and was really disappointed in the sound. It didn’t sound analog at all, and since the patching can be stored in memory, I have my doubts it is. The only VI I’ve found can fool me with analog sounding synth sounds is Synthmaster. Sounds fantastic. But we’re going way off topic. :smiley:

There are some really good analog-sounding synths available in Reason. Really good! Namely this minimoog clone: https://www.reasonstudios.com/shop/rack-extension/synapse-the-legend-synthesizer. And no it’s not offtopic. It is where the inspiration came from. The watch face specifically is inspired by VCVRack.

you can also get amazing results using any oscialltor in combination with a voltag drift module VCV Library