[Watch Face] TD | TOMAGRAPH Now Ready for Sync

I am very curious, if the users would like to have this kind of additional “funny” functions (red arrows in the picture below):

The whole upfront information about promotion picture and description could be found here.

What do you think?


Hilarious when they all read “NAN”:

I must be brain dead. I’m guessing this is from the WakeRand function on the preview not working correctly.

Very cool design otherwise. One of these days we’ll get to log data over time (like step count per hour or something). That would be cool.

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Hi @eradicator09, thanks for the feedback… I corrected the stRand function… for the WakeRand the user would get everytime another number… In this case there is a kind of continuity during the day…

…log data… hmmmm this would be so sweet to have :wink:

@Tomas, I like it