[Watch Face] TheGas Digital 01

TheGas Digital 01 is an elegant watch face designed by TheGameAppStudio with all digital combinations elements and gradient wallpaper.
8 gradient wallpaper that changes on each wake
Calendar with date,day,month and year
Steps Count
Calories Burned
Miles Count
Heart rate Count
Battery Indicator with count
24 hr clock with am/pm indicators


The text would all be too small for me unfortunately. I think having all the months listed and the correct one underlined in red is unnecessary, you could have the date across the centre clearer without it. Same for the long words, I think CAL would suffice and give you more space for larger text.
I would perhaps look at making the battery % larger, and place it over the top of the battery meter, only visible when < 60% perhaps? (the coloured bar looks good)
I suppose you need consistent text size, so perhaps just suitable for the younger ones with good eyesight :wink:
Some nice parts to it, I hope I don’t sound too critical, just my thoughts.

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Thank you for your honest feedback. I do like honest feedback so that i could improve making what user needs.So it didn’t sound too critical :wink: . And by the way i have considered your feedback and would make the next watch face with a bigger and better readability .

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